Wednesday , August 17 2022

Shooting in Taxco leaves three policemen and one volunteer dead


Witnesses told the conflict that took place Sunday morning at the San Juan Tenería central court, a community located in Taxco, Guerrero, which left the balance of three state policemen and one Red Cross of a dead volunteer and nine injured.

"We were a group of about 20 people with the community. Fortunately, we were in the corridors of the police station and there are several rooms, those of us who have managed to get and give the people there who we did, it was so fast that you were surprised, "explained Óscar Figueroa, Chairman of the Local Council of the Red Cross at Taxco.

On Sunday morning, five vehicles were shipped to Red Cross and State Police personnel who distributed blankets and support programs "Safe Winter" to residents gathered in the San Juan Tenería yard. 37 km / 63 mi to the south-west of the capital city Taxco, Guerrero.

"They wore a cap, they wore glasses, I saw them from a distance when they were shooting, it was 15 minutes of blasts that did not stop, and it did not stop, and then they returned for another 5 minutes," said Óscar Figueroa, President of the Red Cross Taxco.

"I just heard the shooting, yes, it was at least 20 minutes," recalled Juan Martinez, Curator of Tenerife.

The state police repelled the attack, the three elements died as well as Alejandro, a rescuer who had been a volunteer on the Red Cross for one year. There were nine others wounded.

"When a cop, a rescuer, falls, it hurts," said Fidel Ursina, a rescue worker at Taxco.

The state government has condemned the facts.

"This seems to be rather an act adjacent to terrorism than can be the adjustment of accounts among criminal groups," said Hector Astudillo, Governor Guerrero.

Within 24 hours of the attack, San Juan looks like a deserted city. Rural hospital, elementary school, kindergarten, church, and shops were closed.

"Well, they're afraid they're in their homes," one resident said.

"Here he is very small and very quiet, and no one expected it to happen, they never saw anything like that," says Monica, the inhabitant of Tenery.

The city and nearby roads are monitored by state police, special forces, and the army seeking aggressors.

"It was not the intention to take the lives of the Red Cross, it is the confrontation that arises among the criminal groups and what they see as the police representation that is simple," said Hector Astudillo, Governor Guerrero.

The first investigation suggests that aggression was committed by the same criminal group who murdered the two priests who attended the Candelaria Fair in February in Juliantle.

Information from Elizabeth Mavil and Janosik García.


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