Wednesday , September 28 2022

The Rams are losing their saints, and on Monday night in Mexico they will be invincible


Rams and Saints They represented a duel that can be considered the best match of the season. The only team he did not trust was visiting Mercedes-Benz Superdome and try to stop Drew Brees, a living and active legend.

The meeting did not weaken the points that appeared everywhere. The ground attack was the one that dominated the first quarter. Alvin Kamara he moved the score for the first time Todd Gurley that corresponds to things, and Kamara herself was responsible for returning the benefit New Orleans, Three landings in the first quarter.

Already in the second quarter, Brandin Cooks equals things when accepting passages in diagonals Jared GoffIn another offensive game, the Saints healed the difference with the Bresse to Smith pass from the goal zone, not only because Drew Brees had once again improved his goal after the Rams stop, now with Benjamin Watson who caught the ball in the promised area. As if it were not enough, Kamara arrived in the end zone with one shot to break 17-35, after Zuerlein reached 53-yard terrain.

When he returned from the cloakroom, he showed he was the only unbeaten team. First, Jared Goff teamed up with Malcolm Brown's 18-yard landing pass, followed by the Zuerlein field goal, after a stoppage of the local offense.

In the last quarter, it was a combination of Goff-Kupp and a two-point conversion that gave scores with the same numbers: 35-35.
Saints responded with the goal of Lutz's goal, which had not lost between 54 yards and the advantage returned home. The decisive step was to come and who other than Drew Brees to do it perfectly.

The quarterback of the Saints sent a millimeter passage of 24 meters Michael Thomas captured without problems and went to the promised area. 72 meters passed the ball and the other Lutz gave the final characters and the first loss of the season brought to Rams, who despite this stumbling is still the number one candidate who came to the NFC Super Bowl.

Dolphins are still lonely

Two Weeks of Playing in CDMX, Rams are already defeated in their record, so they can not go for the performance of the perfect season that just Dolphins in the 1972 season when he won Super Bowl VII on 49ers


Mahomes does not trust anyone

The Bosses They showed offensive force, which is my second best AFC team. Mahomes threw a 50-yard passage that found Hunt in diagonals and Kansas City already led. The answer came with a field goal from Joseph.

In the second quarter, points fell. Mahomes increased the difference with the passage to Kelce. Chubb carried the distance, but the attempt to convert two points failed. Hunt with touchdown touchdown and Johnson Jr. placed points on each side. 21-15 at rest.

The third quarter served to the bosses to decide on the game. Mahomes again for Kelce and then the race for Hunt gave 14 more points over the touchdown. In the past, Mayfield found Johnson in diagonals, but it was not enough because Butker reached the goal for Kansas City and set the end point.


Now they beat them home

Although Ravens They started with the advantage of Justin Tucker's terrain, they could not face their strong opponent, who was defeated for the second time this season. James Conner received a seven-yard pass Roethlisberger for scoring and from there not returned to score.

In the second quarter, Antonio Brown had the same recipe. Roethlisberger's passage to the diagonal and went 14-3 in favor of Steelers. Tucker cut out three points again with the field goal.

In the third quarter Big Ben made a one-yard run and recorded the touchdown, which was a definitive advantage, although Alex Collins responded with touchdown.

In the last quarter everything was on the pitch, and it ended up beneficial to visitors who can not win or at home.


Doman with authority

The Lions could not make a year in the Viking House, who led the whole game. Latvius Murray with a carry for the touchdown put the first points in the score.

Visitors scored twice, though they were field targets that were not enough to reverse the drawback that was prolonged after passing from cousin to Thielen to the diagonal. In the first half agony, Bailey was responsible for scoring the field and placing the score 6-17.

In the third quarter, he remained without points, but in the last quarter, Bailey took another goal after returning. Lions could only resort to the Pater to get three more points that did not affect the outcome at all. In addition, the Vikings have won a new record for the franchise team that they have 10 sacks in one game.


They leave with air and land

The meeting was literally one-sided. Chicago Owned by the Ovo decided that in the first quarter both teams refused to reach the promised area, but in the second quarter there was only one team.

Four landings Jordan Howard, po Eddie Jackson with a restless return of 65 yards Leonard Floyd with the departure capturing 19 yards and again Howard with 18 yards on the ground to give things 28-0.

Stephen Hauschka and Cody Parker scored a goal on each side. Parker again gained three points for the fourth period, and Peterman reached diagonals, and the reversal of two points was bad. The final blow was won by Trubisky with a two-hour pass for Burton in the end zone and the beating of accounts in his house.


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