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These are international bands that could come to Vive Latino 2019


A few months ago Latin American Music Culture Festival Vive Latino showed that its 20th edition will take place March 16 and 17, 2019, something that fans of the "Jesus in the Mouth" fans brought, because while many are trying to get the first tickets that have been sold a few days ago, others are Try your divination to see if your favorite bands appear on the next poster.

While Vive Latino has not yet announced the official date of unveiling his report, there are some bands that have already nodded to the festival and there are others we think they will come from because they have not visited Mexico for a long time or will be near our country in these March terms. With regard to it regarding to it, in 2019 Vive Latino will be 20 years old, most likely the festival will throw the house out of the window and bring some of our following predictions:


More than a reputation, Matt Healy's band is almost one of the confirmed Vive Latino, October 15, the band announced the first dates of their tour, which includes an exhibition in Guadalajara scheduled for March 20th. Although the CDMX 1975 fans started to panic, it is clear that the band did not confirm the presentation in the city because the VL poster has not yet been revealed.,

Even if they have doubts, through their Twitter account manager of 1975, confirmed that group data for Mexico will be for festivals only, with Guadalajara as the only solo show. Now it is brighter than water, flat.


The group that Yannis Phillipakis ordered might be one of the strong cards for the party that plans to build Vive Latino. Firstly, because the band announced that they released their fifth studio album next year, which we do not have much detail yet but what the band has already confirmed some presentations at festivals such as Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park, so if the stars are staying, we could visit the group in March in Mexico.

Now, Colts have a long time without appearing at the Mexican festival, so Vive Latino can be an ideal opportunity to make Phillipakis and society on a scene that is not for themAs you might remember, in 2015, the group canceled its presentation to this year's coordinator and reiterated several planned dates in Latin America due to the Yannis health problem. According to the "concert-festival-concert" logic, our forecast does not look so fantastic.

Liam Gallagher

Although we have Noel Gallagher in Mexico, this is not the case with his brother and another member of Oasis, Liam. The youngest of Gallagher is also one of the strong legends about Vive Latino. First, because the musician never visited Mexico, neither as a soloist nor with his now defunct band Beady EyeAnd then for Liam continues to promote his debut album as a soloist, How you were, which took place in October 2017.

If it's enough for us to think that the musician will come to Mexico very early, a few weeks ago Liam Gallagher announced through his Twitter account that he would visit our country next yearIt's still a secret to know if he said sarcastically, or if he really plans to come into the ground, but we shine candles to see Liam alive.

Arctic Monkeys

One of the bands that many die to see soon in Mexico is the Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner Grouping is on a promotion tour of his sixth studio album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casinoand although Alex told us in the interview that we were working on planning deadlines in our country a few months ago, Let's tell you about our conspiracy theory why we think they'll come to Vive Latino next year.

As we have already said in this note, artists who appear in Lollapalooza Chicago, almost always go down to Latin America next year to be part of the Lollapalooza Chile poster, For example, in 2017 Killers and Liam Gallagher they were presented in the American version of the festival and this year they appeared in the report of the Chilean editionIf we use this logic, Arctic Monkeys led this year's Lolla Edition, so they may appear in Chile in 2019.

Now, Lollapalooza Chile will be held from 29 to 31 March next year, the same month in which the Vive Latino is held in Mexico, and if we add that the band did not enter Mexico for 5 years … Is not the idea so absurd? These theories or Jaime Maussan, I fall.

Vampire weekend

A case similar to arctic monkeys is a vampire weekendAfter four years of absence, Ezra Koenig and his escort began to show signs of life in 2018 and not only appeared in some stages, such as Lollapalooza Chicago, we also They make progress that the fourth group material adjusts the last details, so they've seen the light. In other words, we will soon hear new songs from New York.

In spite of the group's delay with the record label, the last vampire weekend came to Mexico around 2013, this year's issue of the capital crown. It is already fair and necessary to come back and what better way to do it than be part of the 20 years of Vive Latino. Who can sing "A-Punk" in March? WUUUU.

Jack White

From our Lollapalooza theory we showed you earlier, Jack White also appears, Musician and guitarist was introduced this year in Chicago due to a tour that currently runs with his third solo album, Pension Reach, which took place in March this year. We sincerely urge Mr White to get to Mexico as soon as possible As we have previously said to you, the guitarist played the songs White Stripes, from The Dead Weather and even The Raconteurs (which eventually announced the new album after 10 years of absence) during his set in Lolla Chicago. Returning to the theme, Vive Latino could be nice and bring a singer White stripes to Mexican countries in March of the following year. Or do you think a better bet for the festival celebrates the decade of life?


Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler and Sam Fogarino have surprised us this year. First by posting Marauder, his sixth studio album with it Surprisingly, they visited Mexico, because this was a place New Yorkers chose to officially release their album. Later, Interpol delighted his Mexican fans with two intimate concerts at Esperanza Iris City Theater, which were visited by fans of the Red Bone band.

At this point in life, we know it Banks and companies attract as much as possible in Mexico, and the 20th anniversary of Vive Latino can be an ideal opportunity to return. In addition, many fans have heard the new Interpol live, because tickets for their concerts in Mexico sold out within minutes and seeing them at the festival could be the other opportunity we were waiting for.

Pearl Jam

PEarl Jam is another of the bands that hum as one of the possible names we see in the Vive Latino poster next year. Eddie Vedder's band this year led the main festivals as this year's Mad Cool. Now, in 2015, when we last left our country with a grunge group from Seattle, it is likely to return to Mexico in 2019. Will they do that next year at Vive Latino? We hope so.

The Wombats

A small but beautiful group. Wombats is a band from Liverpool that appeared when all series of festivals around the world, With four discs published by a group led by Matthew Murphy She is currently promoting her "Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life" album, released this year,

We know it not all international acts in Vive Latino are big bands because the festival also gives its space to those small and medium bands that are worth listening to, As data, the English group visited our country in 2013, where they gave a warm but special night to their fans in Mexico with a concert at El Plaza Condesa. Since then, there has been no music trio, and this could be an opportunity that some people expect to hear.

Royal blood

Another small band that brings us to eat our nails for taste is Royal blood, English duo This year I confirmed that I would visit Mexico. But we are already in November and his name we never saw in a poster or in Corona Capital, which was our most likely choiceThe truth is that this band is one of the groups most often expected by some Mexicans and now more, because if we have them in March, we would have listened to a few songs from their last album How did we get into the dark?, published in 2017. Now we hope to use "Better late than never".

Catfish and blottlemen

One of the promises of English music we found in 2008 was Catfish And The Bottlemen, With two published studio albums and one that they have been planning since 2017, This group, originally from the UK, also played for several years in Mexico. So much so that even his fan club has a request to the Change.org platform for the band to come and release their first concert with us. As a bonus, Catfish & The Bottlemen will also appear in the Lollapalooza Chicago 2018, and everything can happen.

What are your bets for Vive Latino 2019?

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