Wednesday , September 28 2022

Where is Galaxy X?


Welcome again for next delivery Mystery Box, where we talked about the most prominent storytellers of the week, and this time Samsung is the protagonist of today because there are rumors that this week we were able to meet the new flexible Galaxy X phone.

Galaxy X, is it you?

Tomorrow will launch the Samsung Developer Conference, a developer event speculated to see a new Galaxy X and which is not officially present, is likely to be reflected in some of the media that will take part in the company's actions.

And it is that the teaser published a few days ago mentions the great guest of the event will be Galaxy X. What do you think?

Samsung Galaxy W2019

What is practically the fact is that this week we will know the new Galaxy W2019, a premium smartphone exclusive to the Chinese market, which has a cap or wallet design and is just as powerful as Galaxy Note 9.

The invitation to action clearly shows that it is the team that has escaped weeks, although many others believe it is Galaxy X, although it is very unlikely.

What will be! … will Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro?

The Chinese company has an event planned for November 8, when it could introduce a new version of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, which could be only an international version, although it is likely that there will be more than one surprise.

Alexa will soon say … Hello Mexico!

It seems Alex will officially come to Mexico this month with some Amazon devices, such as Echo and Echo dot, and according to rumors this may be next November 12. Should Google start shaking? Soon we'll know.

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