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Casablanca Stock Exchange. For the new era

The transformation of the winter market has begun. By implementing the new stock exchange rules, workers expect changes to occur over the next two to three years. In the most volatile scenario, with the most sophisticated products and SMS access, the market will be more liquid.

This is one of the new general rules in the stock market. A new version that has been approved and will be in force by the end of 2019. One of the features is that market management companies have more flexibility in implementing the tools necessary for market development. "There is a flexibility that allows the market to expand to international standards, as well as the ability to continue to adapt and adapt more easily to the expectations of local and foreign investors." Said Karim Haji, General Manager of the Casablanca Stock Exchange. General Chat Chat Lounge According to him, the financial center is in line with the customer changes that the regulation requires. Thanks to these new innovations, Casablancal Stock Exchange will be able to, among other things, revise your financial resources list, its housing and its cancellation rules. This new rule, in particular, is dedicated to securities issued by small and medium-sized companies, together with the main market and alternative markets for entry and housing management for the new organization. General principles correction brings many novelties. It is not secure, but has financial resources, including new rules for equity investment, equity guarantees, receivables, and security.

The aim is to create main market opportunities in various regional locations and to enhance the integration of the Moroccan market, Haji said.

The Moroccan Authority's Capital Markets (AMMC) called for an agreement, emphasizing that the new regulatory framework could make the Moroccan market more attractive and efficient. "It will play a big role in financing the national economy," said Nasir Siddiqui, director ambassador at Emser Sidi, pointing out that this is very important on bank financing.

This is also an opportunity for stock market professionals, who expect the market to change over the next two to three years. "The changes currently being made are disrupting a multi-core market that allows us to be more sophisticated and at the same time allow us to connect with other markets," said Richard Outrett, president of the Professional Association of Stock Brokers (APSB). Says. ). In the meantime, this new framework will address the volatility of the continuum, considered the Achilles heel of the capital market.

"It will indirectly improve this flexibility … at least for the new PSA. The new regulation introduces a minimum float that varies between 10 and 25 percent depending on the size of the company," Hajj said. Explains

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