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Casablanca: women shot in the hammam


according to Amyne Asmal 07/11/2018 at 21h43 (updated on 07/11/2018 in 21h58)

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Kiosque360. A popular hammam employee shot naked women without their knowledge. She gave the video to other employees with whom she had a confidential relationship.

This has become an obsession for popular hammam customers. The women were filmed again in facilities of this kind, this time in the La Gironde district of Casablanca, the diary reports. Al Ahdath Al Maghribia in its release on Thursday 8 November.

According to the newspaper, the Hammam employee was filming videos without client knowledge and then handed it to another employee of the same hammam, who was responsible for managing the cash desk. Newspapers talk about dozens of videos filmed in this device.

according to Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, the client was interested in the special behavior of this employee, who has long turned around. She understood what was going on, making sure she was watching quietly as the employee walked in and out before sharing fears with other clients. One of them then called a relative who took charge of the police.

On the scene, the El Fida District Brigade was sent to detain an employee whose phone was detained. Information spreads rapidly, causing panic among other clients. Women and mothers who regularly visit this hammam are in fact afraid that they have been filmed and seen that these videos go through social networks. But for now it is not.

The police decided to temporarily close the hammam concerned until the investigation was completed. That the newspaper continues, during interviews with the police, the respondent admitted to filming several naked clients inside the hammam. She also admitted giving these videos to another employee who seems to have a confidential relationship.

While waiting for the police to stop the investigation, the article states that there are several questions. Did the respondent intend to send these videos to social media? Was he acting within an organized network? In what case are his assistants? Or is it just an isolated fact in an intimate relationship with this other Hammam employee? The on-going investigation will explain all this.

Amyne Asmal

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