Saturday , May 15 2021

Is the Nintendo Switch out of stock too?

by means of Jason Maderin

Did you know that two flagships of Sony and Microsoft, PS5 and Xbox series XSeries are sold in the world. All the lights indicate that the situation is normalizing in the industry. That’s why it’s a safe bet that Nintendo Switch is also experiencing a decline.

The reduction will not only affect PS5, far from it

For months now, major tech industries have been in troubled waters. Cause: Absence of one key component for running multiple devices: Semiconductor chipsGeneral Chat Chat Lounge They allow the PS5 and Xbox series to work, but also on television, computers, Smartphones, cars and medical devicesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Nevermind: Joe Bowden has decided to alleviate problems himself.

However, despite the processing of resources, some tech workers have to reduce their number of units. If this is the case for Sony and Microsoft, it’s a safe bet that Nintendo is going there too. At least that’s what Nintendo predicts. The CEO himself told Nick that these chips needed to be made new units. Add to this that the giant has already been dealt with A drop sale earlier this yearGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

His switch warns of the possible termination of Nintendo stock

“We have enough material for the switch to produce instant semiconductors“Knew Nintendo CEO Nikki. “However, in Japan and other countries, demand has been strong since the beginning of the year.” It also indicates that it is for now “It’s hard to say how we will settle [ce problème]CYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD But in some cases we will not Not able to generate enough orders ”. Rather a clear message that observing the crisis is certainly less important but similar to the PS5 and XCX.

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