Thursday , June 17 2021

Liquid water in a climate

Water is very common in the universe. If many scientists have already highlighted this result, the recent discovery of liquid water in Metrorae would confirm this.

We knew that water was already present in our solar system, the most obvious evidence being in the famous satellite satellites of Japan or Japan on Saturday. However, the latest discovery of water in Matter, a metric 4.6 billion year piece, is abundant in theories that propagate the presence of this element anywhere in our galaxy and on a scale of the universe.

And once, the water discovered is not ice, but rather liquid. The first for an expert of this type. Scientists are part of the Santerٽn mill’s meteorite that was integral to our environment in 2012.

Water from Hawaii?

A team of researchers, led by Dr. Accra Tsuchiyama, professor at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto (Japan). And their work has indicated the inclusion of water in a micro-crystal of calcite hidden in the parts of this macrolite.

“This regulation may have been caused by the formation of pearosteride with the cycles of frozen water and carbon dioxide. This would require an asteroid to form in a part of the solar system that was cold enough for frozen water and carbon dioxide, and keep these conditions outside of Earth’s orbit, even outside the atmosphere. Japan, ”Dr. Akira Sonchima explained in her research report on the university’s website. Before concluding that we can detect “a tiny liquid hydration trapped in the mineral of 4.6 billion years ago,” during our solar system.

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