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Marrakech hosts the first African Road Safety Forum


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11.11.2018 at 22:18
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APA News

The first African Road Safety Forum will be held in Marrakech from 13 to 15 November 2018 under the motto "Road Safety in Africa, a Sustainable Development Factor". Initially, the National Committee for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents (CNPAC) launched the Forum as a platform for the exchange of expertise and best practices in this field. It is also a question of assessing road safety achievements so that socio-economic and cultural similarities among African countries are assets and key success factors.

Several themes will demonstrate the work of this meeting. Strategic and institutional management of road safety, program funding, strategy management, integration of new technologies, capacity building, integration of road safety into business management, studies and research, as well as the openness of civil society components.

In addition to scientific and technical discussions, the opportunity will be given to meetings and exchanges between institutional actors, experts and civil society.

In this context, a large exhibition will be held to serve as panel representatives and will enable stakeholders in African countries to meet meeting B to B and B to G in order to build relations to support their business in the field of road safety.

The African continent certainly has a huge maneuvering space to improve road safety and save more lives.

The African region has the highest risk of death on its way to vulnerable vulnerable users, including pedestrians and cyclists (43% of road victims), while this rate is only 26%. global level.

Considered to be a continent with a high potential for economic development, instability on the road must not endanger the mortgage and these opportunities. Creating an "African" strategy for sustainable road safety is an absolute necessity.

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