Tuesday , May 17 2022

Medouar apologizes – Kabylie Dispatch


Everything was back in the rankings of the Professional Football League (LFP) after a hectic week after the Classico USMA – JSK postponement.

Five members of the executive board of the Professional Football League (LFP), who froze their activities last Tuesday for President Abdelkri Medouar's "unilateral decision", decided to return to business after meeting with the last FAF last Thursday in Algiers. "After meeting with the FAF, Zetchi and Medouar have apologized and promised to consult the Bureau in the future. Now that everything is all right, the executive council is again in business," said Akil Adrar, a member of the LFP Executive Board. At the end of the meeting, the participants also set a "one week deadline" to appoint the LFP Secretary-General, who is free from Medouar's arrival at the head of the League. "We have introduced a new member to the office, Djamel Messaoudene, who will have a mission to set up various committees to help improve the League's work," Adrar added. We recall that five members of the six members of the Professional Football League Executive Board (LFP) decided to freeze their activities Tuesday after meeting in El-Eulma by challenging the decision of "unilateral actions" taken by President Abdelkrim Medouar. At the beginning of the conflict between Medouar and the members of the Executive Board, the USMA-JSK was postponed to be played last Tuesday on the 13th day before it was reprogrammed on Friday. This match, which was initially played on Monday, 5 November, was shifted by 24 hours, which was not appreciated by JSK President Chérif Mellal. He did not hesitate to shoot the red balls on Medouar, which he called "incompetent" and "incompetent," and even asked him to step down from his standpoint. He also instructed the USM General Director Algiers Abdelhakim Serrar that he described as "a great hypocrite and scheming." The Chief of the Canary Islands was summoned to the next LFP Disciplinary Commission meeting; on November 12, 2018, he responded to "his public statements contrary to the duty of reserve, contempt and violation of the dignity and honorary member of the Professional League."

conference press release today

While the USMA-JSK is in silence, the LFP chair Abdelkrim Medouar will be at 11 pm today at a press conference in the conference room at the stadium on July 5th. An opportunity for him to evaluate everything that has been said about this case, as well as the leadership of LFP from his choice and future prospects.
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