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Morocco Empire Academy: "The Beginnings of an International Conference on the Moroccan Pat of Agnes Dialcros" from 1832 to 1863 "

Morocco Empire Academy:

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 22:24

Rabat – The link to an international conference on the topic "The Moroccan Palette of Agnes Directives from 1832 to 1863", an event organized by the Moroccan native of Mecca, was given on Wednesday in Rabat.

This three-day cultural event (September 11-13) looks back on a trip to Morocco by Eugenie Delacroix, a French painter who arrived in Britain in 1832 as part of the diplomatic mission of Shuri Cherif Moulay Abderrahmani.

Speaking at the inaugural conference, the Moroccan Academy's Permanent Secretary, Abdul Jalil Lajomi, said that it was part of the interest of the Academy to organize international conferences, and to conduct research related to fine arts in its cultural and cultural dimensions. According to the provisions.

"This important cultural event is an opportunity to end the creation of a French painter who marks the history of Morocco, when the Empire knows the United Kingdom at the cultural, artistic and philosophical levels." He emphasized.

"Eugene Thilacroin, gave a picture of a government that contradicts the wrong and negative views of the nineteenth-century East and Morocco." Mr Lajwadi said that the artist came from a more positive and meaningful perspective on Morocco, as it also gave a great political effort to migrate to Morocco and France, during the mandate of Sultan Maulai Abderrahman and King Louis-Philippines.

"This is an extraordinary event, returning to a final event of cultural and artistic history around the world, especially Morocco and France," said Dominique de Font-Relax, in the General Courier Louvre Museum.

"The trip to Mujiki Dracovir Morocco was decided by King Louis Philippines in late 1831, because he wanted to send a diplomatic media to meet the Sultan of Morocco after the conquest of Algeria, France." As such, the diplomatic missions are accompanied by painters and writers for the document, documenting them Mrs. Fonte-Relax said that the trip, which lasted five months, marked the testing of this country's colorways.

"Dracroix's journey to Morocco is still the model of the artist's journey. He has allowed Dacroix to experience a new experience of vibrant and vibrant colors, opening his many windows of this" moral "world, revising him. Ms. DeFon-Raoul, hosted the inaugural conference.

This opening session is especially marked by the full presentation, at the Commonwealth Louvre Museum, in the artistic works of Agnes Dalebrock, while remembering their purpose and meaning.

Participants in this milestone include performers from Moroccan artistic jets, including from foundations, artists, museum curators, Greeley owners, university professors and researchers, art students and experts from diverse backgrounds. General Chat Chat Lounge

On the menu are two days of reflection and reflection, "Man and his time", "Delacroix's itinerary", "East of Delacroix", "Delacroix and the writer" and "Things in Delacroix's painting: Moroccan memories".

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