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Oil and gas: Israeli company receives proportionate petroleum river ration permit


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Off-shore gas exploitation platform.

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The agreement between Israeli-based Petroleum and Onyeham is nine months after the signing of a three-way agreement between Morocco, Israel and the United States.

The information has been released by Israeli Special Media: Israeli oil and gas company Villa Company Risch Petroleum Partnership has announced that it has signed, on September 24, an agreement with the National Office for Hydrocarbons and Mines (Onhym). Gas or oil reservoirs cover an area of ​​109,000 square kilometers, covering the Atlantic block.

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The contract provides the possibility of later termination of the research and production agreement based on the results of the study by the company.

It also sets the conditions under which a fiber Gibraltar or a fiber petroleum partnership may obtain a license to exploit and produce petroleum.

According to Moroccan laws, the state will receive 7 percent royalties if the oil discovered is 200 meters above water, yields 500,000 tonnes, and for natural gas, up to 3.5 percent of oats. 500,000 cubic meters.

Ratio Petroleum Group, which owns about 15% of Israel’s exploitation, has been present in the ration villa field, Leviathan, Guyana-Suriname and other Nassin basins in the Philippines. Proportion of petroleum oil rights is currently Bell at 22,330 kmَGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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