Thursday , June 17 2021

Purpose The rest of the world: Alexia criticizes the music because of the music, he responds

Objectif Reste du Monde is on W9 soon and credit is still up. A video that responded to internet users, who failed to make fun of the music! Music that was composed by Alexia. But that doesn’t mean they like it. And inevitably, they did so by comparison to Marcellus. And facing all those criticisms, Alexia decided to react to her social networks. The young woman is very proud to have been able to make the credit music of Objectif Reste du Monde. And critics, he doesn’t care! We give it below.

Alexia – Credit: Instagram Anaxia

“I find it really unfortunate that you can be disgusting, even bad, on a piece of music. Really, it’s a great pride for me to have played this music myself. It’s a great pride of W9.” Trust me – it was a crazy job I remember when pagadaxia music from the rest of Marseille to the rest of the world didn’t like what I remember, today you love it. Criticize as much as I want – I don’t care, I’m very proud of my work, I’m very proud of my music – and the people who criticize it are the people who aren’t capable of writing childish lyrics. . “, She thought. It is said! Otherwise, this image of Eleanor and Alexia creates a reaction for Internet users.

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