Wednesday , September 18 2019
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Seven arrests and more than 7,000 psychological bullets seized

The elements of the judicial police, under the auspices of Feroz's police, have been cast in the relevant capacity of the Director General of Surveillance (DGSS) on Thursday evening, with efforts being made to finally use drugs and psychiatric drugs.

According to a report by the National Security Director General DD, seven security personnel have been arrested in several areas of Feroz and 7,796 in three security operations and in the area of ​​illness and psychiatry. The two men were arrested in the process of possession of 3999 psychological tables and possibly money from drug trafficking.

A third suspect, a taxi driver, was also arrested on charges of involvement in the case, he said, during a second security incident on a 17-year-old bus on board. 2,080 Psychic Pills. DGSSN said the main accused and a third countryman in the case were later arrested in connection with the possession of a dash gas bomb and the amount of money recovered from these illegal activities.

The arrest of another suspect in the third security operation allowed the bus from Tangier to be seized in a variety of 1,000 psychological bullets. Large defendants were supervised by the police detained in the police custody office, which, while kept under normal control, is likely to capture the ins and outs of this case, as well as other people involved in the criminal process.

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