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UNAIDS is a lawyer for "international access" for HIV test to defeat ermammed


Millennium Mileed Cybi, UNICEF Executive Director, Paris, July 18, 2018.
Malin Milded Cybi, UNICEF executive director, Paris, July 18, 2018. Thomas Ecocon / EFM

UNAIDS is a lawyer "International access" Elementary defeated the 30-day event of this campaignأي World ASS Day 1First December, November 22, starting in the capital. "We need access to the HIV Accessibility HIV. This screen should be available as a pregnancy test.United Executive Executive Director Saiddie Sydbie states that the agency's recent report is "knowledge power".

In 2017, globally, "75% of people who live" Knows that, "66 percent in 2015"According to the mood, a major improvement. "But we are far away from fighting: Today, our guardian is less likely to see the abolition of large areas"Be careful that Mr Siddle, in Ababin, argued that aim was to defeat the purpose of the purpose by 2030.

"Screen is one starting point, but therapeutic and viral loads are necessary to eliminate the ubiquitum"he said "Sermon and privilege" Positive people of HIV "There are still major constraints" Take care of the illness


West and central africa, and north africa-in the middle zones between two zones where the situation is very disturbed. Approximately half (48%) of the positive people are aware of its HT TV in West and Middle Africa. And HTI-only 40% of the positive people get antireuroreiral treatments (50% and 29% for North East Africa). -orient). According to Miss Sudbo, about 10 million people in West and Central Africa are unaware that these HIV-positive are positive.

Describing this situation about non-national national funds, bad health system and healthcare service, is sexually related to men, sexual acts and consumers in comparison to all these disasters. Medicine


In Kot Diyor, has been significantly important in three years, especially thanks to the US funding. Number of patients under treatment "Defeated" According to the report, the coverage of the screen's coverage is increased to two-thirds of the population.

"The first pillar of the fight against ASS is screening, especially for the" (In danger) "Access to Treatment" And "Sahar" Lives "Important Issues"The EMM, Dr. Col. Anamam, told the Special Intelligence Clinic for the people of the AJDD, Space Integration Director.

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