Wednesday , October 5 2022

Bayern Munich rubs the floor with beer leverkusen soccer


Bayern started with energy and took Robert within four minutes via Robert Lewandowski. The pole also did 0-2 after half an hour. So it went fast, seven minutes after seven minutes and it was 0-5. Thomas Muller and Serge Gnenbery (twice) Era provided the goals.

Leverkusen – with Jeremy Frampong and Mitchell Booker in the stands – remained on his feet after the break. Patrick Shake also saved the honor for the home team, who finished third in the Bundesliga despite a tough defeat. Beren Borussia got a point wider from Dortmund.

Sevilla after Yan Atletico and after the Real Victory

Sevilla won 0-1 on a visit to Celta de Vigo. Rafa Mir scored the only goal of the match in the ten minutes after the break.

With winning, Sevilla, like Atletico and Real Madrid, comes in 17 points from eight games. Real Sociedad is the leader in La Liga with 20 points, but one more game to play.

Kim Rakic ​​was in the starting lineup at Sevilla. Osama Idrisi was on the bench for the match.

Entrepreneurs Cooper Manners and De Rooney were successful with Atlanta

Atlanta has won the season in the Italian Football League. Empoli defeated: 1-4.

The Orange Internationals was the main place in Atlanta, in the middle of the 3rd Copp Miners and Martin De Ron. The players have not played in the last international matches against Latvia and Gibraltar. De Rowan also had to settle for a jerk in the stands against Gibraltar.

Josip Elk scored goals for Atlanta, but a penalty was missed.

The victory brings Atlanta to fifth place in the United States.

The scalp is a low flying trowel

Mama Baldo scored the only goal of the afternoon.

Mama Baldo scored the only goal of the afternoon.

The Dutch-colored OGC has missed the chance to climb the number 1 spot in the Premier League. Coach Christophe Gaultier’s team lost 1-0 to the second-ranked Trojans.

The only goal of the game came early. Mama Baldo was right in the fourth minute. He fired confidently after a clear attack.

Dutch Pablo Rosario and Calvin Stangus had a basic place, very much like the former Ajax player Kasper Dolberg. Justin Clouivert was still missing from the injury.

Ness is now ranked third with 16 points from nine matches.

The penalty does not help to win the penalty kicks

Enderleacht did not get a 2-2 draw on STVV, the football club from St. Troy’s, on Sunday. Coach Vincent Company’s team gained twice the lead through a penalty that was used, saw the home team score in the middle and equalize in the fourth minute of extra time. This means that the fallen top club remains in the middle of the Belgian competition.

Shortly after the break, Liver used the first lap for the Refilov team, with Wesley Hewett and Joshua Zarczyk as the bases. It was not long before Mori Conaty, after which Sergio Gomez managed to make it 2-1 in 12 minutes before finishing 11-1. Zarqazi was taken to that side during that time.

The victory was a win for the guests of Brussels, until Tony Lester made it 2-2 in deep injury time.

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