Wednesday , October 5 2022

Inhibin Muscle Cramps is available only on prescription


Inhibin, a medicine for muscle spasms provided by Mylan, is now available only on prescription. The Medicines Research Council (MEB) established this fact on Wednesday.

New scientific research shows that people taking Inhibin are at increased risk of severe cardiac arrhythmias. Drug use even leads to a greater chance of death. In particular, patients with cardiomyosarcoma should be cautious when using the product.


The research was focused on the effects of quinine product intake. Ininhibin contains the active substance hydroquinin, which has a similar effect on the heart. This is why the MEB decided "on precaution" to make the medicine available only on prescription, according to the spokesperson.

Inhibin is used, among other things, to treat night leg cramps. The drug is sold approximately 15,000 times a month.

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