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It is possible that Outwood again discovered our solar system NOW

The UK Observer may have discovered a planetoid at the end of August, writing from various capital systems, writing various international media. It is just rocks outside our solar system that would enter the atmosphere.

The initial new living body was named gb00234 and is approximately 540 million kilometers from the ground. Early & # 39; Gibb & # 39; The astronomer stood for Gennady Borisov, who pointed at the high-speed space of the signal.

In recent weeks, Atwood has often been photographed, allowing scientists to predict some of the Communist's orbit. Name changed to CC / 2019Q4.

At the end of the year, enthusiasts can usually see the C / 2019 Q4 telescope, after which the Astrode will exit the solar system at kilometers per second.

The second outward "from the outside" that is reflected in our solar system

In 2017, a specialist in Hawaii discovered "Oomumwa". The first asteroid that appeared in our solar system was 300,000 years to transit from Star Vega.

However, the astronomer could have considered "a little too far" from "Oomumwa" because the rock was almost a solar system. The new "Cosmic Invasion" will be on display for about six months.

Scientists do not exclude asteroids more than they exit our solar system, but guess that the majority are very small and quite visible.

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