Wednesday , August 17 2022

Meghan laughs at Harry's Entertainment Breeze


"All the individual women were a little disappointed when they were Harry market, "he quoted Davies his 78-year-old mother. "As if she ever had a chance." Meghan and Harry laughed as much as the other audience. The Duchess gave Davies, who presented the evening, even applause, to see the journalists present.

Harry and Meghan were married in Windsor on May 19, exactly six months ago. They both announced their engagement last November, more than a year after the Prince confirmed his relationship with the American. Harry did it in an unusual way; in November 2016 he sent a powerful statement through the Kensington Palace in which he asked the press to leave his girlfriend himself.


At the beginning of the evening, Davies immediately remembered the big message Harry and Meghan had announced last month: in the spring, their first child should see the daylight. "As they say in the royal circles: One is excited that the two will become three!"

Before the annual variety, Harry and Meghan met a number of artists. So, the Duke and the Duchess were face to face with the musical again Hamilton and Harry introduced his wife to his "friends" Take it. "Just ask your husband to play his tambourine on one of our records," he said Gary Barlow against Meghan. "Jamaica, is not it?" Harry said. The Prince lifted his tambourine Sing, a song that was produced by Barlow on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.

With Variety Variety, money is collected for the Royal Variety Charity, of which Elizabeth protective lady. The exhibition is attended by one or more members of the British royal family each year. Harry was at the party once before, in 2015. The traditionally present royalists are subject to jokes. The evening's registration is later broadcast on British television.

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