Monday , October 3 2022

Supervisor issues a green license for the acquisition of HEMA | Now


HEMA's takeover by entrepreneur Marcel Boekhoorn is not upset by Regulators Authority Consumer & Market (ACM). ACM believes that the sale does not lead to competition concerns.

The investment firm Ramphastos Investments of Boekhoorn takes over a chain of department stores of Lion Capital, which has been searching for a buyer for some time. The acquisition was not officially published.

In the short term, Boekhoorn wants to reduce HEMA's debt burden. "This major burden is a hindrance to growth and prevents optimal use of the power of an extremely powerful HEMA," said the entrepreneur during the October conference.

The first step has already been taken with the acquisition. For example, EUR 100 million of loans were repaid, and EUR 40 million was paid into equity.

Boekhoorn has no other big chains over Ramphastos. Previously, he was the lender of the McGregor fashion chain, but it was not a success.

He has earned a lot of money in the past, including Bakker Bart and telecom provider Telfort.

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