Tuesday , September 21 2021

The Miracle of Jail Droop: ‘Mary Appearance’ in Remembrance of a Dead Sister

A man in Geldrop made a special discovery. When he went to work, a piece of wood, according to which a picture of Mary appeared.

Harmony Rondi, a woodworker from the hobby, was working in her workshop to memorialize her in-laws, who recently died of cancer. When a piece of wood is half-edged, a stripped shape appears.

”A very special find villa. I would like to have something engraved in it and stick it to a plane. And when I wanted to continue processing it, I suddenly saw a Madonna or a statue of mine, saying, “Hey, ro, the equator. “You can also see rows of wood in a dress.”

According to a woodworker, there is also something special to see on the side of a piece of wood:

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