Tuesday , September 21 2021

Vaccine Criticizes Yak Vaccine Prices: ‘Should Those Profits Be Higher?’

European Union Pay for Pfizer and Modern Vaccines According to the sector, the price increase is understandable. But there is a criticism of criticism on the income model of vaccinators.

‘Great Vaccine Relat’. NGOs, for example, mention the high profits that companies make from the Pfizer and Modern vaccines. According to the authors, the cost of a public vaccine, vaccination campaign, may be five times cheaper. Indeed, Anna Merritt, Health Policy Advisor at Oxfam, speaks of Divinity as “perhaps one of the most dangerous events in history to make a profit”.

But according to Frank de Courte, spokesperson for the Association for Innovative Medicine (VIG), prices can be justified: Well, when we are dealing with new varieties, it also means vaccines. Have been modernized. “It has to be paid one way or the other,” says another court.

“When developing a ‘generic’ drug, you’re already paying 2 billion euros,” says another court. “If you now account for development and development, as well as the overall expansion of production capacity, then I can imagine that the price is legitimate.

According to another court, this includes ‘risk capital’. “Investors also took the responsibility to invest in a vaccine that they didn’t know would save the market. They are lucky now, but they can lose all their money.”

According to another court, the cost is even lower than what is currently being spent to tackle the entire Corona crisis.

‘They are already making a profit’

Marcel Canoi, a professor of health economics at VU, is critical to the price increase.

“A few euros, oh, he might not like it much,” he comes News HoursGeneral Chat Chat Lounge “But if vaccines are used structurally, this is a significant amount of profits that pharmaceutical companies are already earning.

Kenyon thinks companies can make a profit, but he wonders if it should be so. “They are already earning that profit. Should the profit be higher anyway? In addition, vaccine development was also partially funded by the public money, by universities and governments who invested in it. Invest. “

According to VIG’s De Korte, the situation is more complicated. In the case of Pfizer, for example, you see that the German government has paid an amount to developer BioNTech (Pfizer ed.), And that money has been refunded through a discount on the vaccine.

Action Wu

According to The People’s Vaccine, “overpayment money” is just enough for Pfizer to vaccinate the world.

The organization calls on governments to take action against corporate power. But the question is whether the EU can do anything, according to Professor Conway.

“It depends on the agreements between the EU and the pharmaceuticals,” he says. “If a legally smart contract is not signed, such as a high price tag, the European Union can do little.

In theory, the EU could issue a mandatory license: companies would then have to share the vaccine with a competitor. “But the bar is good for very good reasons,” Kinoi says. “I don’t think it will come to that.”

End of prices?

The question remains: is this the last increase, or will vaccines be expensive and expensive? The other court does not think that will happen later. “Vaccines that are under development will also be on the market. Then there will be a choice. And yes, there is more choice, the prices are lower.”

Pfizer and Moderna themselves have not commented on the price increase yet. According to another court, it is ‘price sensitive’ information.

“Pfizer and Moderne are listed companies. So you have to deal with the rules that surround them. It’s not about the tens of thousands, it’s also about the billionaires, the investors. So there’s a chance They will show the price sensitive. “Well.”

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