Tuesday , October 4 2022

Women's highest earnings on the rise Wel.nl


HAGA (ANP) – The number of female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands is increasing gradually. However, the vast majority of the best-paid workers are still human.

According to the Central Office for Statistics (CBS), more than 20 percent of women are on the top of the payroll of organizations with at least 500 jobs last year. In 2010 it was 15 percent.

Researchers looked at 0.2% of paid jobs within organizations and then examined whether men or women occupy these positions. Statistics The Netherlands notes that the highest earnings are levied on the basis of annual wages, not hourly wages.

Most of the best women work in sectors where a relatively large number of women work, such as care. Organization in education also scores highly. There are women in the construction industry. In the catering and financial services sector, there are relatively few women with high wage demands, although relatively few women are employed in these sectors.

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