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Champion sharemilkers' dairy marketed


A dairy farm owned by two former regional shareholders
The winners of the year were marketed as part of the sale
plan to diversify their rural business interests.

140.6 hectare farm, located about 19 kilometers southwest of
Opotiki in the Gulf of Plenty is the owner of the Gulf in 2001
Lots of winners of the Sharemilker of the Year titles, Dean and Sharyn
Petersen. It is one of the three milk and diary farms
Petersen's own in the region.

The property persists
milking 320 cows in the De Laval system – an average of 119,620
kilograms of milk solids per season over the last four years
years, as well as the production of strong maize silage
annually for supply.

Petersen's freedom
Ownership at the 98 Waiotahi Valley Road is being sold for
sale of auctions on November 28 through Bayleys
Tauranga. Seller Rhys Mischefski said flat outline
assets secured approximately 90 percent of the land
was included in the dairy platform.

The object is
divided into about 60 paddocks separated by an electric pole and
wire fencing over topography of mostly flat pastures
blocks with some steep pebble hills.

Mr Mischefski said
Ownership produced between 28 and 30 tons of corn
silage each year of seven hectares of pastures while
an additional 40 tons of palm kernel was delivered each year
as a supplementary feed.

"Near coastal sites
this feature supports a reliable mild climate that is
ideal for pasture breeding – to receive around 1500
millimeters of rain per year. Quality drinking water is
relocated to all paddocks over a 40mm main line, "he
he said.

"This farm arrangement, topography, climatic
influence and soil soil type of this block to do it and
a highly efficient farm with relatively low inputs

"The property has an extensive fertilizer
application history that maintains the ground
nutrient levels to allow for consistently high levels
pasture growth on almost a year-round. "

The infrastructure on the plot consists of:
• A
24-sided dairy bone milking with adjacent feed
• Round hay with six bays
• Road silage
• four-hour halls / workshop
• A
four-storey shed for breeding calves
• Enclosed fertilizer or palm
kernel kernel
• Neighboring three-storey farmhouse
into a completely separate sleep

Mr Mischefski said
gravel for multiple lanes and cattle throughout the country
the farm was mined from the pit pumping under ownership.
Drains were treated on property in a designated pond
before decomposing through pasture.

"With corn
production, fertilization based on waste and rock
mining in combination, it is almost self-sufficient agriculture
operation, "he said
a highly automated milking system allows you to run a farm
when entering a kilogram of solid milk particles much better than
industrial standard. "

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