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High shares of large kiwi smuggling


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One of our biggest exporters, Zespri, wants to repay for someone smuggling kiwi plants to New Zealand to one of the world's largest markets and allowing them to produce commercially.

In an appeal to the Supreme Court, worth $ 30 million, it focused on two individuals and a company claiming to have bottled plants or bud plant pests for a Chinese grower who used them in four orchards covering an area of ​​167 hectares. the potential to sell plants throughout China that will be able to sell to Zespri's future sales opportunities.

The identity of the Zespri targets is still suppressed, but the extent of Zespri's victory as the culprit after he learned of the major violation in early 2016, clarified yesterday's court.

* Zespri is claiming damages of $ 70 million against a person who allegedly sent golden kiwi plants to China
* Zespri did not abandon any criminal proceedings against the person who sent the kiwi plant to China
* Unified approach by Zespri needed for success on the Chinese market

Including "private eyes" from Hong Kong on the road to China, airport security and the Ministry of Primary Industry control of one defendant returning to New Zealand, police investigation order and then Zespri obtaining information from the police using the official information law, discovery through the judicial lawsuits of the bank accounts of the defendants and the search for activities on Chinese social media WeChat.

Zespri employees in China have heard the rumor that someone has been spreading the G3 and G9 golden kiwi strains, the New Zealand invention, and drew attention to the headquarters. Within a few months, company visitors visited four different fruit sets in different parts of China, spoke with the local secretaries of the Communist Party, and eventually with the man who operated the operations.

He allegedly told them he had a legal treaty with New Zealand to grow and sell not only the G3 and G9 fruits but also to distribute the plants that are potentially running gold mines for Zespri. He said he would show him a written contract, allegedly valued at 10 million Chinese renminbi, but only if he agrees to buy it from kiwi and legitimize his ability to sell gold. Shorter investigators later did so by taking 50 boxes of fruit back to the warehouse in Shanghai.

Zeppri demands compensation for the fact that his precious gold kiwi plants are being smuggled into China.


Zeppri demands compensation for the fact that his precious gold kiwi plants are being smuggled into China.

The court heard that Zespri had told him that he was dealing with a man named "Geoff," who handed him the buckets for the ship's plants.

Slowly, they picked up samples of fruit and leaves for each of the set and tested them to prove their descendants G3 and G9.

New Zealanders have developed a Zespri grower's number based on the New Zealand law from the picture they published in the WeChat group and have sought to prove its mandate to grow golden kiwirus and to offer "seedless seedlings" – words termed G3-resistant plants that are resistant to PSA disease.

Following a warning from the Ministry of Primary Industry and the police, the man stopped after returning to China and an investigation order received for his rural business and premises. The Zespri Manual claimed that "unknown brown powders" were found with tools for plant cleavage.

Zeppri filed a criminal complaint with police in Tauranga, but in the end there was no charge against two people and companies now defending a civil case. The action calls for Judge Sarah Katz to order a $ 30 million damages claim for a violation of intellectual property rights under the Law on Plant Variety Rights.

Zespri Laura O & Gorman, a lawyer, said that a New Zealand man is considering granting a Chinese buyer a license for the G3 and G9 kiwifruit varieties "for all of China. [the China-based grower] anytime in the future, G3 and G9 will be anywhere in China.

"What has been planted so far is not necessarily the end of the consequences for Zespris."

(The company's annual report shows that China overtook Japan this year as the highest value of Zespri's export market for $ 504 million.)

O'Gorman said the 30 million dollar damage calculation used the gold kiwi price in 2016 multiplied by the number of hectares producing in Chinese orchards. "The calculations in the statement are quite conservative."

The Greater Growing Boss, Tracy McCarthy, said China is "immensely significant in Zepri's own growth plans". One of the defendants traveled to China and let Zespri explain what he did about Kiwifruit or the police.

The cross was examined by the defendant's lawyer, Eugene St John and McCarthy agreed that the new varieties of kiwi are developing around the world, and that yellow pulp varieties are not unique to Zespri. She admitted that it was not uncommon for one of the defendants to be involved in a plant in China.

St John said that a Chinese grower who runs the fruit orchards in question traveled to New Zealand in the past, as well as the staff of the organization he was involved with, and gave it to McCarthy that many people in the G3 and G9 . "It could be," she replied.

The highly successful variety of SunGold boys was developed by Zespri and Plant & Food Research.


The highly successful variety of SunGold boys was developed by Zespri and Plant & Food Research.

His client would say that the money paid to the Chinese entities was a loan that the payment back from one person was a ticket refund, and there was no evidence in any WeChat communication that any joint venture would be agreed. "[He] that in the history of the interview he betrayed that he had ever been dealing with the techniques he had learned from New Zealand and never had any interest in any talks about New Zealand to China. "

Zespree's global production manager, Shane Max, demonstrated that the number of NZ growers published on WeChat in China belonged to both defendants. He said that one of them had wiped out his WeChat history after the phone got his phone, but Zespri found the photo.

When a grower in China was questioned in orchards, he confirmed that he planted kiwi G3 and G9 and believed to sell in China for a double price than the existing golden fruit. The largest facility in Wuhan was around 120 hectares and many of the vineyards under the greenhouse.

"He said he had a license agreement and paid 10 million renminbi and could have rights under this contract under the license."

He had further considered that he had reached a business resolution with this man, but concluded that he did not offer anything special and "considered himself more capable and more knowledgeable than he was".

This story was originally published at and is republished with permission.

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