Sunday , May 22 2022

Lady Gaga describes in detail the "mental health crisis" and promotes better care in the industry



"I began to notice that I was staring into the universe and turning black for a few seconds or minutes," Lady Gaga revealed.

Lady Gaga has no problem living – and revealing – her truth.

Taking the patron award in the third annual SAG-AFTRA Foundation Foundation for Beverly Hills weekend The star was born the actress invited Hollywood to provide better mental health care for people in the entertainment industry.

During almost 25 minutes of speech, she underwent her own "mental health crisis" that forced her to seek professional help after being overwhelmed by work commitments.


"I have seen the flashes of things I was afraid of, the experiences that have been postponed in my brain," I'll be going with you later "for many years because my brain is protecting me as science teaches us."

"I began to notice that I was staring into the universe and turning black for a few seconds or minutes," Gaga recalled.

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"I have seen the flashes of the things that have suffered from me, the experience that has been devoted to my brain with" I Need With You Later "for many years, because my brain has protected me as the science, the department and the PTSD teach us, and we did not have the team would include support for mental health. "

She explained that her struggles later turned into physical chronic pain, fibromyalgia, panic attacks, reactions to acute trauma and debilitating mental spirals that included suicidal thoughts and masochistic behavior.

Gaga, who was open to surviving a sexual assault, suggested that SAG-AFTRA partner with her Born This Way Foundation implement mental health programs for trade union members. She even said she would give an unspecified gift to launch an initiative.

"I wish there was a system that would protect and lead me, a system that would allow me to say not to the things I felt I had to do, a system that allows me to give up my toxic working environment or work with people who were seriously dubious, "said Gaga.

"There have been days when I struggled or failed to make it work, and I do not want it for other artists or for anyone."

She ended her remark by saying, "Change the world …!"

We call mental health issues as "a crisis of epic proportions," he says, "We must bring mental health into the light. We must share our stories so that the world's mental health is no longer troubled in the dark."

"It's dangerous, and we know it, because amongst other shooting and violent acts-just last night, shooting in Thousand Oaks was a veteran who was believed to have suffered an untreated post-traumatic stress disorder, a mental health problem," she added.


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