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Sex and City 3 movie would kill Mr. Big


What were the screenwriters thinking ??? (Picture: Hbo / Darren Star Productions)

Kim Cattrall's refusal to make a third film in Sex & The City franchise led to an explosive social mediation conflict between her and Sarah Jessica Parker.

And it turned out that everything could be ruled out if the writers decided to keep Mr. Biga alive.

In the bomb we were so happy we did not get to the big screen, it was found that Kim refused to shoot the film because the character Chris Noth was killed in the script "pretty soon".

Mind. Blowed out.

The film would focus on losing Carrie (Picture: Hbo / Darren Star Productions / Kobal / REX / Shutterstock)

James Miller deeply immersed himself in Sex and The City in a three-part special for his Origins podcast and spoke with some of the key actors and writers of the classic series.

And the reporter revealed that Carrie's husband John John Preston or Mr. Big was killed in the proposed script in the third.

Miller said, "People close to Kim believe the script has nothing to offer the character of Samantha.

"They point to the fact that he wants Mr. Big to die of a heart attack in the shower, pretty soon in the movie, so the rest of the film about Carrie's recovery from Big's death rather than the relationship between the four women."

Chris Noth did not read the script before he was eliminated, but it turned out he was fine when it hit him because the screenplay was probably better than the one and two (well, no surprise in two).

Kim Cattrall refused to return for the third film (Picture: Moviestore / REX / Shutterstock)

Neth said, "I really hate ominous things, and it could be because I'm a little cynic. Just like the whole thing at the end of the movie in the dressing room – it hated it, I hated it at the end of the movie when I felt she was fooled by me, and then I say, "Well, it's time to give you a bigger diamond ring."

"I hated it, I just hate crowning stupidity, and I thought it was really sentimental and too romantic, with no legs in realism."

Oof – we do not think Kim was the only obstacle for Sex and the City 3.

The first film, Sex and the City, was a huge success, and he focused on Mrs. Big, and Carrie eventually decided to get married – just to keep Big standing at the altar.

However, the second film – which saw Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte go to Abu Dhabi for a girl's trip – was critically perched.

The third film, however, almost came into production, the blame for its abolition was placed at Cattrall's feet.

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On the podcast, Willie Garson, aka Stanford Blatch, was still quite nicely cut because the last movie was postponed.

He said: "We should have started shooting on October 20 last year, so it's just a year that has just happened," Oh, that did not happen. "And we all want it to happen, and it was a gift, all that will hurt, I suppose, for years.

"I know I'm not over it, and to be honest, it's hard to be so close that you will do something that will not only help you and your career, and certainly your bank account – as it looks like cheese but a lot of people I really do not know how to handle it. "

Cattrall did not take part in the podcast, and Miller explained, "Kim told her through a representative that she felt she did not have to talk about Sex and the City anymore, and if so, we'll use her comments from past public talks to make sure she's covered."

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