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Sniper Revolution 636: Motorola Z3 and Nokia 7.1


It is unique that a device device forms the same processor in a ZDNet Sadnie office, but together, when the Sniper 636-Powerful Motorola Moto Z3 game and Nokia 7.1 appear in a hurry.

Each representation is completely different, which should have ten telephone calls, and puts in a different row of each row.

In Australia, the Z3 game is available only for AU $ 800 on Motorola's site, where Nokia 7.1 is found in its retailer and is a business for AU $ 500.

On the Ship Sheet, the Z3 game constantly stirred them on the corners.

These two snaprongs are 636, one with 12 megapixel and 5 megapixel relay cameras 8 megapixel foot cameras, are capable of expanding the microSD card stand, and are charging through the OSCE.

However, Nokia is only 3GB of memory and 32 devices of ion devices are available, while Z3 Play is 4GB of memory and this device has 64 GB of storage. Optionally, the Z3 microphone can take a second sim to the location of the SD card.

On paper, devices have power of approximately 3,000 MW power and display deals, 6 inch Z3 has a 2,160×1,080 resolution, while 5.84 inches is 2,280×1,080 pixels.

See: Nokia to attack US $ 7.1 billion: here's why it's raising the bar for the Middle East phone.

In the case of Nokia, Panel Drive is Died Panel D HDR-capable and real-time real-time rendering content enables real-time recording of fast-dynamic range. In practice, this explanation describes the conditions of the Ph.D. zury, although it is a clue.

If you're using a phone, you should have a surfax, then in this view, you only have Nokia 7.1.


This is a category where both phones take it correctly.

As I wrote Android in Motorola for Android in December 2015:

The next year of Motorola has decided to get more than the stock of Stock Air Storage and Google's operating system looks and feel it Google's feelings. He has a good news about the good news that when Motorola decides to add something to this software, it will give a good boost.

This point is still ready in 2018. When it adds to the motorola system, it is good. If you create a phone-maker, you can learn Motorola's point-out lessons, Android will make it much more and apps that are visible in a weapon.

As restored to the Nokia branch is routine, 7.1. Android One, a pure Android experience with auspicious wishes from an Android Android. Using memory only to play with 3GB, Android One is OK, but it is a question whether it can make an Android account in the future if Google can not stop its OS-tracking.

Everything, phone makers are full of different signals for both of them, still on the right, Android.


Here's a special feature that Motola has been offered for some time: Moto Mood. These are a series of accessories that back up the back of the phone, and will make things similar to their Camera Camera Camera.

Motorola has made this option available for device refreshments, and projectors from a battery-driven performance, a 10x-x camera camera attachment, and a gympad. Generally, prices are more than AU $ 400 more than $ 100 in some cases.

For the purposes of our review, we only had an Inspection Power Pack that adds additional 2,220 MHs, but have tested some other modes in the past, a battery pack is the only one that is in the sense. For $ 120 for retailing, Input file can be made for AU $, but it means that the phone can easily simplify the day easily.

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The Z3 game was capable of using GPS on a camping spot at the 3-hour drive, take photos of videos and videos, and do not have to go back without it back. Regular Battery Peak and Cable around.

As the pack is attached only to the fish, it does not require any extra juice or a panoramic breathing. For everyone to enter the Moto Mode world, a battermith pack is an absolute necessity.

Available and Price

It is at the time that Motorola is the best way to end. The Z3 game price is AU $ 800, and is officially available through an event in Australia: Motorola's website.

At the time of writing, Motorola was providing free of charge to its non-Biblical model for free downloads. Already, it had introduced processor or sensitive blad cameras, which is embarrassed as in the US, Motola corrected him first when he threw it into the batteries.

You have been sampled in accordance with similar insurance, to close costs or more than AU $ 900.

Certainly, with the cost of AU $ 800, it runs Z3, like the LL 7 Wicker, which is a real flag with premium components.

Play Aoto Z3 with a Bit Bank, do not cost for money, unlike LL 7, and compete with a good demo.

On Nokia Nokia, a 7.1 yuan dollar has been converted for 500 and is actually available in Australian registers. This is a precise point that compels the phone, and in many ways, reminds me of Google Nexus phones when they were on the market for a while.

At the time Nexus phones were not the best phones, were not good syllables or cameras, but were good and sold at a price that was difficult to resist.

One of the most important thing to compete with the Z3 Sport Company was that it was once owned by Google, and one of the companies 7.1 out of which only the Android came right correctly, once Microsoft was decided to work with a phone After a branch, Hum Dee Global has not lost for $ 350 million.

But maybe after a long journey, Nokia has started to deliver access to our devices, which many of us will have hundreds of earliest owners always want for.

As for Motorola, it is difficult to recommend Nokia over, and it is impossible to find Australia in any rate. It's a good device, and a sound idea is sound but it's very slow.

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