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Change loses its job at SES ـ Confirmed government bets future stake – News article from various parts of the country in NRK Norway

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Today, the government presented a proposed amended state budget. Once again, employees and pilots experience that there is no cash compensation plan.

– Words get weird. I’m running out soon How long have I been in the midst of a crisis that is expected to result in the dismissal of jobs based on government actions, Andrew Nietzschein tells NRK?

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His job was lost

He worked at SAS as a hormone for four thousand years, but in December he was hired. He thought the government would now come up with a separate compensation plan for airlines, as Storting decided this winter.

– This is a scam and a joke for both the stuttering and the whole Norwegian plane. The government is only looking for a hole that is going deeper and deeper to get out of Norwegian airspace, Antonsson.

Now he fears for the future of air in this country, and believes the government is undermining industry competition.

– Worse, they put the future of me and many thousands at risk. Many other industries are compensating for their losses. The aviation gained zero. They have a debt offer, Antonson says.

May 1st

LEO leader Peggy Hessen Folowski believes the government shows little to no understanding of the atmosphere of the crisis.

Image: Terje Pedersen / NTB

L: – Scandal

That is, even Av is not a supporter of the House “unfortunately not surprised with this government, but still a notorious one,” said AO leader Peggy Hessen Folsenk after the revised budget was presented.

– This is what frustrates me the most. The government is late and going. In January, StarTesting issued an order for the government to invest in a compensation plan. We still don’t see anything of it, she tells NRK.

The LEO leader is supported by the NHO chief, Ollie Eric Almeida. He also wanted the government to be more aviation friendly.

ـ We need to make sure that we have good aviation and infrastructure facilities in Norway, and with the companies set up and growing we hope to see Haringey now and bring better packages for the airline. Lloyd says the NRK.

This hobby

Treasury Minister John Thor Saenger believes that the airline’s separate compensation plan is not correct at this time.

Image: Terje Pedersen / NTB

– Not right with the right plan

Many planes are on the ground now, but the government still believes that setting a target for airlines is difficult.

Instead, they warned in a revised national budget proposal that the aviation industry would now be included in the compensation plan of companies affected by the Corona crisis.

– We allow airlines to enter into a general compensation plan. They can use the wage assistance scheme, but the situation is now aware that we think this is not a well-paid scheme, said Treasury Minister John Thor Sener (h) earlier.

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