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Due to the great disaster of America's support minerals for the Bureaufles


Anderson Bentins

The seasonal climate change of responsible administrators and administrators in the energy and environment administer the publication. More than 25 years have been pressed, including VHN, DN and Recharge.

Big mistake

George W. Bush should support American farmers and increase the use of biochemistry of making policies, whereas it must be decided by council2. It was returned in 2007. The result was the construction house for the palm oil, which destroyed the major rainy areas in the past through the last decade. Instead of climate measurement, the wound has worsened even worse. This is a long and complete report from the public, for a non-profit site research journal, hard and sad.

Big area along with Potlland has been transformed into Indonesia, which has been transformed into Kaiji oil pots. Large quantity of greenhouse gas is released. In Indonesia, 80 million people are now temporarily involved in the petroleum industry to earn wealth. Network companies have seen a lot of profits. Large fire, partially associated with waste, is 100,000 times old.

Also supported by the European Union – and as we know Norwegian, the Bambilly Mentist is a supplementary oil aid. And it has already been seen that Indonesia's trade war has been printed, if the policy has been cleared for the help of the crude oil industry.

The United States and Europe biophilize policies in both countries will be deemed to be the historical error of the great ones. The intensity was better, but the effects were deteriorated. And no one has been blamed at any time.

Pro Public, Herrin Wakson, Democracy Congress and Environmental Defender in his long term, states that Congress was desperately focused on environmental policies, whose impact of global influence was seen in other parts of the world. "We have created a situation that we want to be so radical. We make more harm to the environment – it was a mistake," he says.

In theory

The Vanuatu public announcement that the country has made a lot of money on financial energy companies and countries responsible for the responsibility of climate control on fueled fuel. In this matter, Guardian, Foreign Minister, Ronald Rangerarno, said that the government of Vanawat is now investigating all possible ways to make the responsible fuel profit. He will send the bill to the company, financial institutions and countries, "My country has become an active and informally unusual threat." Cyclone Palm has severely damaged the island's kingdom in 2015, due to which almost two-thirds of the country's GDP.

Not clean with zero cleanliness

One zero economy economy is possible, and is not expensive, writes Eder Turner in a book in the Financial Times. Traceers, Economics and Ex-High Bureaucracy, and Now, Energy Transaction Commission, shows that zero costs can be achieved? From account books, the global economy will be 0.5 percent less than 2060. The processor trace is so aware that: renewable energy is sealed on the power generation. The power in the field should be used where feeding energy is up to date. Strong fields such as seam production and air traffic, showcase is the option to show. Here, carbon free alternatives can be somewhat natural, but not afraid: Advanced bioorrhoids can be 20% more expensive than airlines flight. Steel stock except CO2Caring will be more expensive, but do not play a big role for the example of the new car.

Hirogen in the United Kingdom

One stepping strategy in Britain needs hydrogen, in a new report, is the committee's committee's committee committee. The British Aqua Irrigation believes that Infrastructure is essential for developing and developing specially in this pediatrician, at high levels, which is difficult to spoil the other methods in the field. The business look at a new screen of business that movement and transport parts are suitable for hydrogen. Now there is no need for any weapons or gunmen, and according to Chris Star, the CCC director, it must be dynamic in both. With Norwegian eyes, it is important to know what English is. An British market is considered interesting in the field of oil oil based on heroin. It is a matter of concern, "Css Howen" star has felt that it is the most relevant to the British, but the least important quantity of gas than today. For example, introduction of a heat pump can be used on gas and gas to operate on gas, heat usage can be reduced. So, Hydrogen can finally take gas to gas.

When we are together with the future energy of the United Kingdom, we take this new report from Bloomberg's New Energy Finance, which shows how much batteries, electric vehicles, consumer flexibility and a slow price combined with the Nordic Hydropower system, the carbonization of it. Get Easy to Get

Adds to Europe

It's a good way to finish today's fifth with a nice glass, and it is the light that this lake has decided to finish its coal fired power plant. The connection2Put the price in Europe and it's good. But more and more to stop it. As shown by the good quality of Sandbag in Europe, the power of Coalley is shown on the industry. Here, just click and see how many catalysts and time-consumed coal canals are caused by coal. Germans and German companies – to make one way, to demonstrate one's precautions. By the way, the German Coalille Commission adjourned its post to end the cricket. There is a dispute that the compensation of coal-based districts should be arranged, and must be taken into consideration of social interest. It is about job, but also about health. The COI's social price2By German environmental authorities, jobs are approximately EUR 180 per year. It is as much as ten times as much as the price is in the European Kota system.

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