Sunday , August 14 2022

Fire in an apartment building in Ålesund


Updated: The fire is off, our reporter reports on the spot.

Police reported on a fire in a block at Volsdalsberg in Ålesund on Tuesday morning.

– The unsolicited date has expired, say it in the first Twitter message at 10.46.

Smoke and flames are visible.

She started the evacuation

– We are in place and we have evacuated. We have not yet seen whether people are inside, "says Arild Reite, director of operations at the Møre og Romsdal Police Station, Sunnmørsposten at 10:53.

At the same time, Møre og Romsdal 110 reports that the Ålesund fire department is outside with all available crews in the fire.

Sunnmørspostens journalist Harald Skotheim tells at 11 o'clock that two deck cars are on board and the driver turns off.

"At least one person is taken to an ambulance hospital and several people are evacuated," he said.

At 11.10, eyewitness smoking will be in the process of construction.

You do not have to hear any alarm

The inhabitants of Sunnmørsposten spoke of saying they did not hear any alarm. Some people say blemish warnings on the phone from people who have seen smoke from afar.

At 11.15, Sofia's journalist Svanes Flemová reports that there are now four large fire trucks, four ambulances and a number of other rescue vehicles.

"There are still people who are not evacuated, but some people in your garage are inside," he says. The fire service works with an on-board crane and must also be a hot camera in operation.

Incoming leader Per Ivar Hovden says the fire started in the apartment, so it spread to the next.

At 11.35 Hovden tells the fire service to check the fire, but there is some smoke in the building. – Two people who received smoke were taken to a hospital with unexplained injuries.

"There are still people in the building – not all apartments have been reviewed, and now all apartments, including those that are locked, have to be scrutinized," says Deputy Leader, says Hovden Sunnmørsposten.

According to Commissioner Thomas Holte, 75 people are registered with block addresses.

The police report at 11.47 that three patients were sent to the hospital. The extent of the damage is unknown.

The police say residents west of fire can pass through the Color Line Stadium gate. The speed limit is set to 40 km / h at E136 after the place.

It will be updated.

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