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FOOTBALL , SPORT – Shaqiri is spared by the Red Star experience


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The Swiss, with the roots of Albanian roots, had severely shot Serbian fans on Tuesday in Belgrade. Now stays at home in Liverpool.

The local newspaper, Liverpool Echo, argued early on Monday that Jürgen Klopp had not yet decided whether Xherdan Shaqiri should be working on a trophy for Tuesday's Champions League game against a red star.

Newspapers wrote that a German decision would come later on Monday if Shaqiri joins an aircraft to the Serbian capital or not.

The reason is that former Stoke player is not popular among Red Star fans. Klopp will be worried that at the table Rajko Mitić will create a hostile atmosphere among 50,000 fans if Shaqiri gets to Tuesday.

On Monday morning, Liverpool came with a troop and did not have the name Shaqiri.

"We have heard and read speculation about what kind of income" Shaq "will have, and despite the fact that we do not know what is going on, we want to go there and be 100% focused on football We do not want to think anything, "says Klopp on the official website of the club before he notices it.

"We are Liverpool FC, a big club and a football team, but we do not have any more news, we do not have a political message, we want to focus on a good football match, freed from everything else, speaks German, and adds that both Shaqiri and understands the decision.

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The Liverpool player bet against Serbia in his Switzerland during this World Cup and decided to celebrate the score by forming an eagle on the Albanian flag with his hands. He also accepted a Kosovo flag for one footwear.

He will play the match

Kosovo declared its independence in 2008, but Serbia refuses to recognize Kosovo as its own state, and the relationship between the two countries is tense.

Shaiqiri was touched by every touch of several Red Star supporters who came to Anfield 0-4 minutes ago.

After the game, Shaqiri insisted he also wanted to play this limit.

– I'm just there to play a soccer match. It's not about politics, it's football. I'm not afraid to go play. I had the World Cup, so I know I can do it, she says.

Liverpool Echo writes that Klopp was not sure whether to include Shaqiri in the battle of Serbia since the match in Anfield.

According to the diary, the German decision will not be based on fear, but rather it would be best to avoid the political background in the fight.

When the drawing in the group was clear, Red Star General Secretary Zvezdan Terzic said Shaqiri would be "under incredible psychological pressure" if he played in Belgrade.


Shaqiri, who was fined by FIFA for unsportsmanlike behavior after a World Cup match against Serbia, came to Liverpool before the season.

A 27-year-old player sometimes set off when he had an opportunity for Liverpool this season and was the leader in a homecoming against a red star.

The border player has been trying to get a solid seat in the Liverpool striker and has to take advantage of all the opportunities he can get. Now it may seem that the settlement in Belgrade from Liverpool must follow.

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