Saturday , May 15 2021

– iPhone 14 gets 48 MP camera – Apple iPhone mini drops 3D

Apple keeps the iPhone 6.1 keeps (there will be two models), but ـ 5.4% of the iPhone drops 12 mini drops and will launch two of the 6.7 twos next year, according to Ming Chi-Kyo.

According to a trusted analyst, the iPhone 12 mini will disappear next year

We have never been before, but this is what Coz’s latest report did. The iPhone 12 Mini doesn’t sell so well, so it’s not surprising that they give it a go, but it would be that two 6.7 7 models might be more surprising.

The biggest non-Pro12 models stop at the 6.1-inch screen – we don’t expect two 6.7% Pro models.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max gets a 8MP camera for 8K and IR / VR

Speaking of titles, it’s apparently got a new system of 48MP cameras with support for 8K video recordings, namely the iPhone 14 Pro Max, or whatever it’s called.

This is not just for better pictures and the camera is much updated with the iPhone 12 Pro Max (12MP), works best with 8K and 16K resolutions for the IR experience, and because next year the above models Supports higher resolutions, improves the ER / VR experience. Exactly enough to do this is preliminary to say, but as mentioned earlier, Bloomberg journalist, Mark Gorman, believes that the VR / ER headset will be launched later this year.

For the 2023 model, it will have the Percotto Telephone and FaceID hidden beneath the panel.

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