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Red "Moi" does not matter – it must be two years


EARLY DUSJ: Mohamed "Moi" Elyounoussi went into the box after receiving the second yellow card against Cyprus. Photo by Bjørn S. Delebekk / VG


NIKOSIA (VG) Mohamed «Moi» Elyounoussi (24) was first exposed in Cyprus in a senior career. But Norway does not have to go without one of the most important players on the way to EM in 2020.

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– Really!?!? If so, I am very relaxed. So unnecessarily facing the playoff for what happened yesterday, Elyounoussi writes in a text message to VG on Tuesday morning after being told he does not need to sit in either the EM qualification or the playoffs EM.

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The Norwegian key player was not quite sure what kind of suspension the red card meant when meeting the VG in the pressure zone after the match.

"What I've learned is that I will lose the first match in a regular EM qualification, which is a relief because I'm probably not losing the playoff," he said.

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The truth is even more positive for Elyounouss and Norway. He did not have to face the EM qualifying matches in 2019 or a possible EM playoff in the spring of 2020.

Here's how "Moi" was excluded:

UEFA's media department writes in VG's email that "a red card suspension that can not be set during the current tournament will be transferred to the next tournament, which in this case means the next edition of the UEFA League."

"Please note that the EM Qualifying Tournament by 2020 (group game and playoff) is another tournament, so they will not be affected by the aforementioned transfer," says UEFA.

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This means that Elyounoussi must first lay off expulsion in the autumn of 2020, when the next League League Nations group will be launched.

"I did not get a red card because I was playing at the junior level, it's just starting to happen, says" Moi ", who is usually accustomed to an opponent who gets cards to catch him:

Before the game VG wrote that he is a featured player between players in the League of Nations who will make the most free kick and get as much of it as possiblebut on Monday night Norwegian was responsible for the deal: The first yellow card stopped at the counter, the second came after a late transfer.

– I said I was a nice boy before the game. I'm different. I had to taste my own medicine. Now I was late in the fight … I'm angry myself. It was useless, he says.

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