Saturday , October 1 2022

Telemarksavisa – Boy got into the field


The Police Operations Center will announce Tuesday morning at 08.10.

According to reports, the boy must be hit in the transition field at Fjordgata in Herøya, Porsgrunn.

"The boy was probably on the bike and was hit," says TA photographer. Confirms the deputy chairman of the police station.

"Probably hit the track," says Sondre Dahl to TA.

To the hospital

The level of the boy's injury is also currently unknown.

Police on site with ambulance. The boy seems undamaged, writes the South East Operations Center on the twitter.

"He was sent to the Skien hospital for a check," says leader Kari Nærum, TA.

She lost her patch

It is currently unclear whether the event will have any consequences for the driver. The police work on the spot to determine the course of action.

– We challenge drivers and witnesses. We take these matters longer when it comes to a child, "says Nærum.

According to the operating center, the driver lost the patch in the driveway.

The driver, a man in the 1940s, got a driving license and the police shot a case, reports the Southeast Police District on Twitter.

At 08:30, the TA informs that the traffic flows right after the crash site.

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