Thursday , October 6 2022

Thanks to the iPhone USB-C Reality Robotics Engineer


With every new iPhone model with With, there are many rumors that the device will have USB-C input. So far, however, Apple has maintained its use of the lighting port. However, a smartboy salesman decided to have an iPhone with a USB-C port, and thanks to his technical expertise, he corrected it.

Devotees of Apple Apple World are still waiting for the day when Apple announces the move to USB Type-C for its products, especially iPhones. Robotics Engineer has decided to stop this wait by connecting USB Type-C port to iPhone X. Ken Flaunal, an engineering student at Swiss Federal Polytechnic, made his appearance in the video posted on YouTube. Describe the birth and how it got there. In the video we can see that the iPhone works normally with USB-C port while loading or transferring files on the computer.

– Sergey Ermine /

Needless to say, the USB-C port replaces the iPhone’s lighting port. Proud of adaptation, Ken Pavilion described his work as “the world’s first USB-C iPhone”. The student was interested in explaining that the first video he posted was a brief overview of his work, and a detailed video was created for further explanation. Unfortunately, this popular iPhone is not marketed with the USB Type-C port and seems to be the only one for the Python. However, his work shows that it is entirely possible to switch USB-C to Apple iPhones.

This idea will not be rejected, the European Union recently decided that USB-C should now be standardized to reduce electronic waste for mobile devices. Please note that Apple is the only company that has not yet used USB for USB-C smartphones. However, some iPod tablets already have USB Type-C port.

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