Wednesday , October 5 2022

The car with mother and two children wandered in Namsos


The case is updated.

At night on Wednesday afternoon, the vehicle turned on the side of the county road 767. One mother and her two children were in the car, "quotes Namdalsavisa.

The road was very smooth. After the incident, the family was taken to the emergency room.

Several other events took place on the Trøndelag track on Wednesday evening.

Mosvik at 16.28: was asleep behind the wheel

The car driver walked out of the Langen water. The man in the thirties told the police he was asleep behind the wheel. The police moved in. The driver was questioned and the car was towed. A criminal case is in place, and the driver's license is confiscated. The man was undamaged after the incident.

Kolväridid, at 17:25: Insert the protective cover on both sides

The male car driver in the 1920s reported that he got into the car protection. The car was in a counter-runway and a car was hit on both sides.

– Bad winter tires, illuminate the police.

The driver was questioned and informed about the violation of Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act to be considerate and active. He was unhappy with the incident.

Steinkjer, 18.33: The driver announced

Police officers were told that when crossing at Mæresmyra, the passenger car came to a passenger car. The hook plunged into the front of the car, reported in Trøndelag on Twitter.

On 19 August, the train driver was stopped at Mule in Levanger. The driver did not notice he was away from the car, but the curtain had signs that voted for damage to the vehicle, the police reported. In the incident no one was injured. The man is informed about this relationship and the police agent has decided that the driving license must be confiscated.

Nærøy, at 18.53: Teenager in a motor vehicle

The car reached the Saltbotnkorsen roof in Nærøy. The driver, a teenage woman, got out of the car. She was taken to an emergency ambulance to check.

The police believe the car was good, but it was very slippery on the spot. The car was on the right side of the road and was moved across the opposite side of the road where it was spinning and lying upside down. – Major material damage to vehicles, police news on Twitter.

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