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– The final version of Dover's "Final Nature VIII"

(Red Cue): The fourth Nix announced a fully-translated version of this year's A3 "Final Fantasy 8" when the mood was good. Now it's out and we would shave our heads over a lot of things that would have been much better.

The latest models of the Scroll Gallery are great, but other than that, hunting is a plus. We understand that it is difficult to do anything about the background, after all, there were previously ranks in the low reserve, but this is far from the only problem. This week we mentioned the invention of the latest version of "Final Fantasy 8" for our era.

Plus: more "Control", a game that just continues to amaze you with its unique aesthetic, intriguing mystery, and amazing style. That is, the cure! Super Nintendo is now on the switch, and we consider that Nintendo's online service is finally starting to make money.

We are also working with the first "free" Kirby game from Nintendo, the "Kirby Super Cloud", as well as all the great news of the week that passed. Something weird about the "Borderlands 3" review.

But first of all, we have this week's Top 5 list where, inspired by the new "Joker" movie, we get what we think are the best "Batman" games from the 80's to today. General Chat Chat Lounge The first place will shock you!

Have fun, and we'll talk next week!

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