Thursday , September 29 2022

The last season was a failure: the Lahti World Cup has found a solution


Friday about busy weekly goal Finn Hågen Krogh. He is thrilled to have recovered form from two years ago, he worked.


SELECTED: April 6 in our finished cross country skiing Finn Hågen Krogh in season with 188th place in the Norwegian Championship 10 km classically. It would not be if NM took off at Alta, he would probably never get skiing today.

The season is over. He was unsuccessful.

A year ago he became a great Norwegian hero when he went to Norway for gold at the Lahti World Championship. In a small artwork, the relay kept away from Russian opponent Sergei Ustjulava, despite the fact that he repeatedly heard his breath during a dramatic retreat.

Then came the Olympic season. 28-year-old from Finnmark has become one of the best runners in the world's best runner race. He wanted to be even better.

After three seasons he was handed over to a nationwide national team. He increased the amount for training and participated in the training.

"It did not work for me," he said calmly.

Using lessons

Finn Hågen Krogh has long been known as a great talent, even in loose technology, and one who could work with relatively little training. In the season he participated in the World Championships, he sent about 300 hours of training than Martin Johnsrud Sundby.

When he raised the training, it did not work. It brought him at least new knowledge.

"What happened last season makes me feel like it's a bit of training for me.

He dropped significantly to the training volume before the season. In the spring, after he was thrown to the 18th place, he became a complete stop. He spent time on scooter rides and outdoor activities. No training.

– The number of training hours is noticeably lower than this season. That's also the fact that I took them all the time. I used the first period for reprocessing. Still, I never really cared about time and training. The most important thing was to do good workouts that improve me, says Krogh.

He was brutally punished

Last season they will not be labeled as senior superiors. It was a little more stuff. A little too many hours of training, a little too much training, a little too intense session with the whole team.

"I did not run away so I could not go skiing, it looked more like a light version of superficiality, I felt useful, but the last equipment was missing, you will be brutally punished in top sport if you do not.

Height skepticism

Finn Hågen Krogh is one of several Norwegian runners who are skeptical of the traditional Norwegian altitude regime. Scheme in which two three-week season stays will be introduced before the season. When he joined the field team last season, he followed a classic training model.

Obviously, it did not work out the results.

– Maybe the body responds better to exercise than to the height.

This season is back to the Sprint team. There is no more than 14 days of height in Val Senales.

They agree. But it's also up to it. He was one of the Norwegian runners who stayed well in the northern Italian valley, despite sharing the room with Petro Northughem. Northug was known as the stomach and eventually had to cancel his stay.

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