Wednesday , August 17 2022

– They broke the commitment


At the beginning of the year, it was reported that Paris Hilton was released by his four-year-old younger friend, Chris Zylka (33).

20-carat diamond

A couple had been on the Aspen slope when Zylka decided to lay off with a 20 carat pear diamond.

– So happy and excited to deal with the love of my life. My best friend and sibling. Perfect for me. So faithful, faithful, loving, and kind. I feel like a happy girl in the world! You are my dream
has met! Thank you for showing me that the adventure exists, this time Hilton wrote in Instagram.

Now, bans must be banned, according to several American media.

– She did

TMZ also states that Hilton should close the relationship a few weeks ago, according to anonymous sources
near the billionaire's wings.

– Travels in Dubai and Australia. Paris understood that the relationship was not meant to last, and that it was not right for her. There were some problems during the trip. She did, says another source of Americans
Us Weekly.

Hilton and Zylka met for the first time at the Oscar party eight years ago, but they first got together a few years later.

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