Thursday , September 29 2022

Congressman Miguel Castro declares that he is a protected witness to pursuing Politics


Congressman Miguel Castro Grandez (Fuerza Popular) revealed last night that she was a protected witness to the Prosecutor's Office in investigating Odebrate's alleged contribution to Keiko Fujimori's election campaign in 2011.

"I am the protected witness of the prosecutor. It is in all the arguments that have been expressed," said a deputy in the television program "Beto a saber".

The legislator referred to the preliminary remand investigation procedure in the case of Odebrecht's alleged contributions to the Keiko Fujimori campaign, which took place a few hours earlier and in which the prosecutor Pérez cited the testimony of a new protected witness – Miguel Castro, he would himself – included in his research.

Congressional Fujimorist of the Amazon region said he was going to prosecution because there was another protected witness who said he was involved in signing the proceeds that would be transferred as contributions to the Fuerza 2011 party.

Castro, however, announced that his defense would ask Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho to take his testimony because the procedural reservation was "broken".

The sources of the special team, Lava Jato Case, told the newspaper that Castro had "volunteered" to go to the office of Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez to ask them to take his testimony and his name was not revealed.

They specified that if a congressman wants to change his testimony, he will commit a crime, because in this testimony he is obliged to tell the truth.

Former lawyer Luis Vargas Valdivia believed that Prosecutor Perez did not find the name Castra. He emphasized that invalidation of testimony can only occur if he discovers that he has been deceived or deceived. "You can ask for the loss of a protected state after confession, but that does not invalidate testimony," he added.

The business tried to find a version of the legislator Miguel Castro, but did not respond to any of our statements.

– New witness –
At the hearing, the judge stated that the witness was named TP-2017-55-8 (TP). According to Perez, he told his office to the congressman Miguel Antonio Castro Grandez He was one of the "fraudulent contributors" of the election campaign in Fuerz in 2011.

This statement was delivered on October 30th. According to the prosecutor's testimony at the end of April 2011, Erick Matto Monge, Miguel Antonio Castro Grandez and Carlos Schreiber Aguayo attended the meeting.

Matto would tell Castro and Schreiber that "he was looking for friends to sign some income for contributions from Force 2011 to appear as contributors."

According to testimony, Matto Monge said he was given vouchers by his friend Jorge Yoshiyam Sasaki, who advised him to look for "outraged people who might seem to have the money to participate in the party."

This method was described by Prosecutor Pérez as "fraudulent contributions".

Matto Monge then told them that the money that appeared on the bill "belonged to Jaime Yoshiyama Tanaka [ex secretario general de Fuerza 2011]"

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