Sunday , August 14 2022

Pokemon: Come on to sell poultry and audiences for more than $ 3 million selling video games.


There is no doubt that the Pokemon trend is what has come back to stay with us, because from the departure of Ptoemonom, the game and Rame came to Stage and every day is a new achievement for the French, who are thousands of fans. . In the whole world

He welcomed that Pokemon did: Go go, Pokoch! And the goats, O ye! The fact that thousands of fans of the world have really really been affected, felt impossible to get them. By official official planting Twitter It has been announced that Shikarpur has been released which has been released recently 3 million Sales.

This figure has been revealed, it's its first week from the sale, and Pokocho: Go, Picho! And the goats, O ye! The best selling game for the switching switch, as shown Social networks.

This method has been hit again once again Record Salanin, other popular sports such as leaving Super mari odyssey o Zelanda's Symbol: Wild Breast. Is it possible that some games may end up with a popular music? The network has been commented that the hunt will be the ultimate superhero barracks in Shikarpur that hid everyone from your throne.

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