Wednesday , October 27 2021

So you can train the body and the mind in one exercise


We work out the exercises that work out the muscle groups, which give us calories to burn calories and shape. But also that they cover us Train the mind: Acquisition Concentration, Mental Strength, Confidence, Self-Control, Analytical Speed, Pressure and Decision-Making decisions Decision-Making, Icip Out … Fire is the solution.

It is a sport on the rise, which can be practiced by children and adults, and one who is feeling grateful for the rise of the poem at the Olympic Games. Absolutely Mark Zuckerberg, The founder of Facebook, practices it with his own.

Ms. Concentration mentality

In the age of multi-tasking, it is good to train the brain to be fat Learn how to rateGeneral Chat Chat Lounge So much mindset concept. For this, there is a report. Alejandro Nez, founder of the fencing center in Madrid Cat Lying Cat Lee (, Explains that “the fire class has psychological and mental aspects that make it unique”. Concentration, stress and emotion management, self-improvement, the ability to mentally control an opponent … “It’s important to think strategically, as it helps us determine the opposite. Move this kind of thinking into any life. Makes a fire something so special, “says Alejandro.

This is a game for women and young women practicing who want to show it off, such as Teresa Dees, who is part of the women’s national foil team.

For these reasons, the body that leaves you: “This body works as a body and basically, since then the trunk needs to be stabilized so that the body is in position and position during training and movement. Can be kept “. Alejandro falls.

Legions and basics

“The part that worked well and worked out is the body and the core. Mini mini pieces today, Since they are short, but the intensity at which they are usually quite high. It improves resistance “, he says.

Jumps, plyometric exercises, self-loading, sprints and Great movement of the legs and feetGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Alejandro tells us, “The calories that are burned vary depending on the training.

To start practicing on it, “You do not need a startup kit, the club only lend you the lender temporarily. For example, we give it for the first months or months. Ideal is to train seven days a week.

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