Wednesday , October 5 2022

University: Javier Núñez and Daniel Chávez will not continue the creamy team, according to Fernando Armas | Juan Vargas | Displays


Although he managed to save himself from resignation, Universitario will not go away because he has not scored any points in the last two terms so the leaders will think about the next season.

Early morning local media announced the names of eight players leaving the Universitario de Deportes for 2019, which triggered different responses to social networks.

Due to this situation, the comedian Fernando Armas said that the list only knows that the two players will no longer be in the box.

According to the guest Yo Soy, there will be those who will not renew their contracts with Universitario next year, Daniel Chávez and Javier Núñez.

"I have several names for those who will not be in the next year in U. I will only say 2: Daniel Chávez and (Javier) Núñez, the one who has never been," said Fernando Armas, and then asked his followers to express their respect. "And what do you think? I read them," tweet added in his newsletter.


Among the names that are shuffled, which will no longer follow in a cream box, are Juan Manuel Vargas, Raul Fernandez, Horacio Benincasa, Adan Balbin, Jesus Barco and Alberto Rodriguez.

Rodriguez would not be able to renew his contract with his loving team because of a very strong injury that would take him for six months out of the field; while the case of Raul Fernández and the pair of Blanca Rodríguez is different. Everything means experienced players did not expect. For this reason, Nicolás Córd, Technical Director of Universitario, has not taken into account at the recent meetings of the Cream Team, which defeated Alianz Limu in the last class of Peruvian football.

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