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WWE | Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose: Raw's only Star Contact duel


Author Antonio Seminario Arevalo

After the Roman rulers left WWE for painful pain and pain transmission WWE Brocka Lesnar's Universal Championship Begins Debate: Who Should Be A New "Leader" Monday Night Cruel? Although among the options are the favorites of Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and a little more shy, Elias; The true protagonists of the flagship are Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and the duel reed, which has already been introduced.


WWE Brock Lesnar

A few years ago, the roles were different. Rollins betrayed The Shield to win the Triple H. blessing. Ambrose came out in front of him and fought the fight until he was wounded Fictitiously, so "The Architect" continues his ascension to become a champion. "Lunatic Half" returned and continued the battle a little longer, but could never take revenge.

In this new release, the companies were exchanged. Ambrose is a villain, and Rollins betrayed a boyfriend seeking redemption. The other returns as an advocate. But despite the fact that the title is half of the billboard, in the absence of a real world champion – owner Brock Lesnar appears once a month – the belt that Rollins carries is becoming the most important Monday night crude.

– Time of change –

WWE You must specify the time for the change. For months, it's as if society believed it could face the same struggles again and again. With a disease announcement it was necessary to reorganize the stories. So Elias turned the party and stopped being "a big smirk," and Strowman is back for the Universal Championship. While Ambrose and Rollins feel like a new rivalry that gets so excited in programming that he's so unnecessarily needed.

Ambrose's betrayal plan has always been the goal, according to Dave Meltzer of the "Wrestling Observer Newsletter". The sickness of the kingdom has only speeded up this project, which has up to now observed the traditional canons of the games to tell the story: Good that faces a subject who does everything in the most blatant way to gain public hatred – how to betray his friend on the same day that the third partner temporarily downloaded.

While Ambrose does not immediately explain his intentions and motivation and shows that he will appear in mysterious situations, he strives to attract the public to the question of what is going to happen next. At the moment, it is only known that they will fight in TLC and that Rollins was the subject of revenge, because Dean "felt weak".

WWE has a whole host of options to go on with a story with a few superstars that are not involved in something important. That, when you think and develop other rivals to help you and during trial and error, continue to rely on Setha Rollin against Dean Ambrose.

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