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"Younger brother killed you yourself and brought you to Lima Chamo": Venezuela's farewell ended at MSM

May 10 Ruben Morrissey Matamoros Delgado As part of the Second Operation Safeguard Plan 2019, he was created with 42 Venezuelan citizens from the Ministry of the Interior.

However, he returned to Lima only to find death. He lives in front of them and in front of them Jaffet Tracker Jara A plastic blanket at the outer end of the lower leg.

The exit between De Venezuelans was a good friend last May Rubin McMorris And the self-contained photos appear together in the photo.

Farewell messenger

It is about Roger Serrano Gonzales, Which sends a meaningful goodbye message to your friends via your Facebook account.

"Little brother you gotta kill yourself and be in Lima ChimaI can't believe this, my king was the Loctron, a Mozart. Hands offended me ", Roger posted after taking a photo where he appears next to Ruben McMorris, who used the title of Tommy Blanche on Facebook.

Detection and research

National Police demanded murder Ruben Morrissey Matamoros Delgado And Jeffrey Tracio Jara, whose remains were found inside a fire near the Fair Terminal last Monday.

The agent investigated the Sanur Dupan Sentinel Administrator, located on Union Street in the district, because security cameras showed people the shape of a body, in which human remains were found and retrieved in a taxi.

That same Monday, aesthetic experts arrived at the confluence of the Katiana and Kajamaki branches in the Remic district, where more have been found, as well as the citizens of Los Eucalyptus, With Martin de PorresGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

In this regard, Geno Malpsina 3, the National Police Colonel headed by the National Police Division, was confirmed. RPG News The result is said to be "Obviously this will be the case."

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