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YouTube: You know the story between Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and the flame [VIDEO]


5 November 2018 21:00.

When the image of the lama who got into the Cusco taxi became viral, few people know that the native of the Andes is the cause of hostility between Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury. In this note, we are all told.

Genius music met in 1983 to record several duets. According to The Times, the three songs together, Brian May, the queen's guitarist, said it would be "something the boys listen to" in about two months.

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson They met in California more than thirty years ago for meetings that did not finish, so nothing was published. Only three or four slices were recorded and left there.

The meeting was obviously shrouded by Michael's eccentricity, Mercury itself (eccentric in itself) did not like the king of pop who entered the recording studio with the Andes Flame and the Monkey, his favorite pet.

Freddie Mercury called his manager at Ingralerra and said, "Dear, can you stop here? You have to get me out of here. I'm loading a flame"Said an English musician.

The rest is history, he never ever joined the record, the problems never woke up and Michael Jackson was happy with his animals that were part of his Neverland zoo.

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