Tuesday , January 18 2022

Billian Caesar breathed into a tough tough house, so pardon with great return


Bololan – Slow Capitolol in Buckinson, slowly began to slow down in the BMW Bleedet in the BMW Bvltut Cup in Australia 73-70.

Geet Dale Cruise finally scored all four points on her all-round, James Marks is an important account for the 10-day lead in the 10th win in 15 games for 5 games in Great North Division.

In the second round of Kutch, 19 points were followed by this (38-19)), But last 3:10 in the evening put the villagers.

There are 9-1 in the Caesar house, whereas damages were added to the 6-6 holes along the Valenciailla class for eight places.

Before that, Pattu says a hit-locked team that he made 75-58 dictators' hostel host to take up for 6-10.

Live Physics and Miquito Joo ended in double numbers and took the help of Jerry Fifth, who came to 17th.

The fort's journeys came along the 18th point, in the 12-tenth period, while Jacques 10 points and eight rams included.

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