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Buying a new phone is kind of crazy every year

2019 is actually why some phones are turned off. 5G is now officially a thing, the screens have fingerprint sensors, and color jobs look like a lot. The temptation to choose one of these is very strong, especially when we capture our current phone and see if it doesn't smell like much of a car anymore. Here's an idea, though – the features we want, will still be there next year, and our phone is already one of the first things we've made that we want in the first place.

New phones are fun and worth it. But your phone probably still works fine.

This can be an unusual idea on a smartphone enthusiast site, and I can imagine that these new phones feel very differently, that you don't have to buy a new phone every year.

We all know that the person on the phone is four or five years old and says they will use it unless it is heavy. While I admire the solution, I know that most of us can't do it the way we are Attractive (Read: Need a Techno-Fiction) And for many years the world has always been like this. But if you have a Pixel 3 or a Note 9 or a OnePlus 6T you might be out later this year and just fine. And a saving of space you can use to buy in another billion.

This is to say that 2019 did not come (or bring up because Google intends to keep up with the end) some really new content. Advances in design, hardware and software are everywhere and what you love most about being a smartphone is probably better than last year with this year. I think I'm not worthy of these reforms. I I am Saying they are still there when the phone we spent a lot of money on last year is so old that we don't appreciate it.

Of course, that's not always the case. If you want everything on the Galaxy S iPhone then hate the display on the Go. If you have had a Pixel 2 XL and have a burning display in your eyes, the Pixel 3 XL may be purchased with a scratch. OnePlus was moved to sit a Jungbot robot camera. Gold is the camera and its DIE. If you are looking for something that you really want to see, buying a new phone may be worth it. Only right and wrong do you decide. I'm just saying updating just because something is new is usually wrong. Fight me

If you're lucky, your boss buys your phone. DJ's Dizzy!

If you can buy your phone on your phone or if you have a doctor new to your type from a doctor. But if it's not you, think about it for the minute you are with that person. Let's say the new flagship phone gets an average price of $ 800. You save over $ 4,000 to $ 10,000 each year instead of buying a new phone every year. Do you make an extra $ 4,000 worth of fun because you buy a new phone every year? Either you would rather buy fill in the blanks With that cash I suppose I would rather buy a horse than a deer or something.

I'm happy with my current phone and I'm saving money.

I'm not a fan for this but it's really packed. I gave Playbill 3d to a company and will get a company that will spend 4b this year. I need one of a kind, to do my job, and I can't pay you, it's time for me to happily come up with a new model. But I'm also happy with my other phone and BlackBerry will need to wow with KEY3 before convincing you to send Kanye. All the things I liked about it when it was still new, when the item of choice and when there is a new feature or other, need to be sufficient to illustrate the cost of upgrading. In most cases, I don't see the phone makers giving it a reason anymore.

Maybe we've reached a stolen smartphone or maybe want to drive it back every year like phone makers. I know it doesn't matter how great the Note 10 or Pecil 4 look is, I just can't see the reason for removing a working phone that I liked enough to buy in 2018. If you read cheer up. That's really the case.

Good for two years

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Getting a small phone

The Galaxy S10e is one of the best deals you can buy today, and it will only be good in 2020.

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