Thursday , October 6 2022

John Price reads his book on "Elbow Grease"


John Price has recently plunged into the world of books when he released his first child's Elbow Grease, which he began this year.

On Wednesday, the Prize was featured on the YouTube channel Brightly Storytime and read his book while he was practicing his often ridiculed new hairstyle.

The story focuses on monster truck Elbow Grease, which works to demolish the derby next to its older and more capable brothers.

In the story of never giving up (the price is a catchphrase during the last years of his career), Elbow Grease continues to compete and finish the race full of larger trucks.

The prize was last seen at the Super Show-Down tournament ring in Melbourne, Australia. He was booked to attend the Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 2, but he drove away a few days ago due to disputes surrounding the event.

Although his plan was significantly reduced over the past year, Price in an interview with ESPN said his future with WWE is not far.

"I'm far from working with WWE," says Price. "WWE will always be my home but in this current state it's fun to try out with this extraordinarily cool thing that's happening It's a great time to have a chance and I'm so eternally grateful to WWE and its audience for it that brought me to this point I realize I would not be without them and never forgot them I promise as soon as I have a break as if I were when I was in the biggest Royal Rumble and a string of shows I did before WrestleMania at any time the free time I get will not be free, he'll spend at my WWE house. "

The prize also explained why in recent months he left his usual army style cut.

"I had to make up for the role and I tried to make it as if it looked different on the set, asking me to grow up, and I said it was not a problem," said Price in an interview with Jimmy Fallon . "I went to China, so last time people saw me having a traditional short crew and now I came back and the wax that's on my head so now they all are like," Man, you ruined my childhood. "

"Or I came back and wrestled in Australia and really met heavy negativity," he added.

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